You Might Not Have Been In Love As Often As You Think

The pain of loss creates an illusion of Love stronger than Love itself

Why is it that every so often we don’t even realise how much we love someone until they leave?

Maybe, because we don’t. Being abandoned brings upon a rush of intense emotions — from grief to rage, from a bruised ego to lost hopes and dreams. It brings upon an emotional surge so intense that our brain might fail to register all of them individually and fools us into concluding it was Love that we lost.

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The Acute Pain of Loss Clouds All Emotions

For a very long time, I believed I had loved the men of my past — the ones who left and never looked back. Now that I am in love with the man of my present and reminisce upon the days bygone, I realise I wasn’t. I wouldn’t say I was not in love with any of them. Sure, I was — just not every time I thought I was. Maybe I actually fell in love this time. Or just matured enough to comprehend my emotions. One can’t possibly pinpoint a ‘Eureka’ moment here.

Hell Hath No Fury Like An Ego Bruised

In our minds, we’re usually right. We’re convinced we make the required efforts and compromises and try to do things in the best interest of the relationship. Suddenly, someone tells us we’re falling short. They’re walking out because we weren’t good enough.

The Dream That Was Never Lived

When we meet someone new and a chord strikes, the heart does a little dance. Sparks fly and there is that feeling in our gut — the excitement about how it’s going to turn out. The hope that we just might become something more. And so, we let our imaginations run wild. Really wild.

The Void That Leaves Space For Too Much

Before you met them, you were doing fine. Maybe you were the superhero of the movie that is your life. Or you were a broken soul, picking up the pieces and putting yourself together. You could’ve just as easily been the heartbreaker. Life was good. And one fine day, you met them and it changed. You became happier, you felt the butterflies and you bloomed. Life was better. Then, they left, creating a void where they used to be.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Love Is a Choice ‘Two’ People Have To Make Constantly, Consistently

Love isn’t easy, it doesn’t fall in your lap and it does not walk away from you.

“How do you know you it’s Love?”

“How did you know s(he) was the one for you?” is one of the most common questions people ask each other, framed in a million ways, obviously. Recognition could be the answer to this age-old ponder. The day we start comprehending the depth of our feelings and emotions towards those we come in contact with, this question just might cease to exist.

Product designer. Moody writer. Passionate artist. An avid reader of literature & people, alike. Mostly found in very close proximity to wine and dogs.

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