UX Design Case Study—Identifying Design Gaps, User Research & Analysis, User Segmentation and Persona Design

The new SHIVAN & NARRESH Digital Flagship | Designed by Natasha Srivastava

The Business of Fashion & Luxury, Digitalised

Luxury is never just in the product, it is in the experience.

Since forever, luxury shopping had been envisioned only as a tangible experience amidst a hoard of Greek-god attractive store consultants, halo-ed product displays and dreamlike retail spaces but with the rise of millennial shoppers and their smarter, more dynamic lifestyle choices — the digital marketplace has witnessed an axis tilt in the online sale of luxury goods.

Natasha Srivastava

Product designer. Moody writer. Passionate artist. An avid reader of literature & people, alike. Mostly found in very close proximity to wine and dogs.

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